Polished Concrete Floors

Our specialist concrete polishing team can grind and polish a wide range of concrete floors to a high standard.  We use specialist grinding and polishing equipment to get a nice even polish right into the edges of the room.

Once polished, we’ll seal the floor to ensure it has a good resistance to stains.

Choose between exposed aggregate for a terrazzo type of look or a lighter surface polish for a more uniform look.  

For a Terrazzo look, we use coarser grinding pads to expose the aggregate before working our way up to a high grit finish.  Please be aware that the colour of concretes and aggregates do vary from region to region.

We’ll let you choose how highly polished you’d like your floor to be, we can do anything from a matt finish up to a reflective, mirror finish.

If you’re thinking about having a concrete floor freshly laid and polished, then speak to us first as we can put you in touch with a recommended concrete or screed installer in your area.  By taking this route, we can work with them to provide representative samples of the finish as well as ensuring drying times are kept to a minimum.

How much do polished concrete floors cost?

We charge a day rate of £1500 per day (+ VAT) for grinding, polishing and sealing concrete floors.  This includes use of all our polishing equipment, extraction and a skilled polisher. We can usually complete a job of up to 100 sqm in less than 5 days, but all costs are subject to a specific review of your project.  Please contact us directly for an estimate.

What’s the difference between Polished Concrete and Microcement?

Polished concrete is usually 50 – 100mm thick whereas microcement is trowelled on to an existing sub floor at just 4mm.  Because it is just a thin layer, the strength of the microcement will depend on the strength of the subfloor. Concrete is inherently strong therefore both polished concrete floors will have good strength.  The colour and appearance of microcement can be well controlled, whereas the natural movement, variations and even cracks that form when concrete dries will remain be present in a polished concrete floor.

We love both these finishes for different reasons.  Polished concrete has a wonderfully raw industrial feel to it, imperfections and colour variations particularly those that are down to the origins of the stone give interior spaces a tough, brutalist, down to earth feel.

Microcement has a slightly warmer, less brutalist feel, it’s often chosen for living spaces where a more homely slant on industrial feel is desired.  And because it’s available in a wide range of colours it can be easily integrated into a wider colour scheme.

Want to know more?

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