Benefits of polished concrete

An interior for your home that’s immaculate to look at and simple to maintain? Not easy. Many surfaces look the part to begin with, but over time lose their finish and become hard to keep pristine.

Polished concrete is the perfect solution. It’s unrivalled for dramatic effect, as well as being incredibly durable and simple to keep clean. We use specially developed sealers to give our polished concrete floors superb resistance to spills, dirt and stains, as well as being super-easy to keep free of dust and allergens.

Polished concrete brings a breathtaking look to a modern space. It’s a spectacular option for open-plan living spaces, where a continuous look brings an effortless sense of size and scale to your favourite part of the house. You’ll find too that polished concrete actually looks better with age.

Polished concrete gives you a similar look to other luxury stone finishes such as marble, but with a more affordable pricetag. It’s a modern, alternative, luxury floor finish.

Depending on the finish you’re after and the type of subfloor, we can either polish the existing screed or lay a product cement-based screed that we can polish.

Polished concrete works superbly with underfloor heating. It’s an outstanding conductor, and retains heat beautifully, putting the full power of your heating system at your disposal. This helps you save on heating costs, as well as being environmentally friendly. Polished concrete even stores heat from solar gain (as sunlight falls on it) – meaning a warm, cosy feel even if your heating’s turned off.

A smooth concrete floor improves the reflectivity of your lighting. In simple terms, it acts like a mirror, boosting light levels, and reduces the amount of lighting you need in a space. Not only does this save you money on lighting installation, it makes it ideal if you want to use low-energy lighting in your living space to help both energy bills and environmental impact.

Polished concrete allows a shiny finish, while being slip-resistant.  And unlike some materials, polished concrete does not produce dust from within, known as efflorescence.

Polished concrete is a genuinely green solution, especially compared to other materials. Very few raw materials are consumed as it’s made. Unlike some materials, polished concrete does not emit the micro-chemicals known as VOCs, which cause proven harm to our health.

Where should you use concrete flooring?

Polished concrete is an incredibly versatile material. You can use it in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements and garages. Polished concrete has tremendous durability and resilience that makes it perfect for high-traffic areas.

Generally, its easier to install polished concrete in a new build project. This is because it’s easier to plan for the weight of the material, and design your floor structure accordingly. However, retrofitting polished concrete is also possible. It’s important to be sure that your existing floor can take the weight.

What colours are available?

We offer polished concrete in a huge range of colours. This means it can be easily customised to match the colour scheme of your living space. Greys are ideal for a more industrial look, whereas warmer tones can bring a wonderfully earthly feel to your room.

Installing polished concrete floors

There are two ways to lay a polished concrete floor. The first is to polish the existing floor screed. Bear in mind that the precise finish is harder to control using this method. The second option is to lay a polishable self-leveller at a thickness of between 3 and 8 mm, and polish to create a beautiful finish. This method relies on an existing screed being in place, but a great advantage here is that it can be pigmented to a wide range of colours.

How much does it cost?

Polished concrete floors range from between £85 – £135 per square metre (+ VAT), subject to a specific review of your project.

Contact us directly for a complete and comprehensive estimate for your project.

What to consider

  • If you’re thinking about having a concrete floor freshly laid and polished, speak to us first. We may be able to put you in touch with a recommended concrete or screed installer in your area. By doing it this way, we can work with them to ensure the job goes smoothly from start to finish – which means less disruption for you.
  • Freshly poured concrete will need at least four weeks before it is ready for us to begin the install. This is a good opportunity to get walls boarded and skimmed.
  • A polished concrete floor gains its full strength after 28 days, but it is fine for light foot traffic after just 48 hours.
  • Depending on the size and shape of your space, there may be a need for expansion/control joints.