With stunning views over the sweeping Yorkshire countryside, an idyllic family home sits nestled amongst the treetops.  Its design draws from the surrounding forests with plenty of skilfully installed timber features throughout.

But when you’re making a feature of wood, you need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to flooring.  Which is why microcement works perfectly in this build.  It offers a calmness that lets the timber take centre stage.

Microcement is a decorative, composite coating based on cement and has all the strength and appearance of polished concrete without the need for heavy duty installation.

The cement-based finish can be applied as a decorative render to almost any surface. It offers a hassle-free, lightweight, waterproof & stain resistant alternative floor finish.

And because the microcement floors are applied by hand, in situ, they can be applied seamlessly across multiple surfaces. So, you can have one continuous floor across internal and external surfaces.

Which in Yorkshire allows for a graceful sense of movement through the living spaces and out onto the balcony.

Seamlessly installed by Relentless Interiors, this sizeable family home boasts over 130 square metres of microcement, across bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, snug and out onto the balcony.

The microcement in the shower area has more of a burnished texture than the main floor.  It’s been done in Relentless Interiors’ slightly lighter concrete tone, Nickel, which gives the room a freshness that feels appropriate for the use.  And who doesn’t want a bathroom without grout lines to keep clean!

Microcement can be applied at just 3mm – 4mm onto almost any existing floor including plyboard, cement board, tiles, concrete and screeds.  It’s available in a wide range of colours and a choice of textures.