Microcement Floors

Microcement is a concrete finish that can be applied as a decorative render to existing surfaces. It offers a hassle-free, lightweight, waterproof & stain resistant alternative floor finish.

It has all the strength and appearance of concrete without the need for heavy duty installation.

Whether it’s a distressed, burnished look that you’re after or a more refined polished concrete look, we offer a choice of industrial finishes for microcement flooring.

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And whilst we love the industrial look, it's not the only thing that we offer. Our microcement is available a wide range of colours and textures so you can get the look of luxurious floor tiles without joints or grout lines.

Because our microcement floors are applied by hand, in situ, we can apply it seamlessly across multiple surfaces. Whether you're looking to have one continuous floor across internal and external surfaces or you'd like to seamlessly integrate steps or walls.

Microcement can be applied at just 3mm - 4mm onto almost any existing floor including plyboard, cement board, tiles, concrete and screeds.

How much does microcement flooring cost?

It takes around 6 days to complete a microcement floor. It takes the same length of time whether the area is small or large.  So, we’ve introduced a number of price brackets to give you the best value for money that we can offer.  These prices, which include materials and labour, start at £90 per sqm including VAT.

All costs are subject to a site visit. Preparation of uneven or cracked surfaces, alterations to substrates will incur small additional costs.

Quality Microcement

Relentless Interiors are the sole, exclusive supplier of Cemher products in the UK.

Cemher offer a choice of unique products that can be used on both internal & external floors. All the products have been tested to CE standards for non-slip, fire retardance, mechanical and chemical resistance. They're even suitable for use in high traffic areas.

Relentless Textures

Working with Cemher, we have developed a range of textures which give you slightly different textures depending on the finish that you're after.

MicroDuo Medium

MicroDuo Medium has a high stucco effect.  We use this product when a highly textured finish with burnishing and cloudiness is desired.  The texture various by colour and by job, no two areas are the same and no two jobs are the same.  So you'll be getting something really unique and personal when you choose this finish.

If you're looking for a raw industrial finish, with lots of texture and streaks of burnishing throughout, then this is the one to go for.

The compressive strength is around 30MPa which is similar to concrete.

MicroDur & MicroLevel Medium

Choose these microcements for a more uniform look with gentle texturing.  You will still get a sense of the hand trowelling that you see with MicroDuo, but it's a lot more subtle.

These are the ones to go for if you're after neutrality in your space.  You can really stretch the boundaries of people's perceptions with this finish by choosing less conventional colours to achieve sophisticated tone and texture.

Because these products are denser than MicroDuo, the compressive strength is slightly higher at around 40MPa.

Microcement Floor Finishes

Choose between Matt, Satin or Gloss sealer to achieve a differing level of reflection. Or for to get the ultimate polished concrete look, we have an epoxy sealer that gives a glass like sheen to the surface of your microcement.

Microcement Colour Options

Our microcement is available in over 40 different colours. Take a look at our colour chart for the full range.

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