Choose between 40 on-trend colours. This extensive range of colours can be matched across all our microcement & concrete products. Colours may vary from screen to screen, so please get in touch with details of your project and we'll figure out the best way of you seeing the colours in person before we start work on your project.

The microcement itself is mineral-based, which means there may be some subtle variations between batches. You'll also find that there's a wonderful variation in the depth of tone across a microcement surface - this isn't always apparent on a small sample, so please look at our gallery for examples of tonal variation.

Oxidised Metallics

Our metallic paints are sprayed with an accelerator to speed up the process of oxidation creating a series of beautifully raw textures.

Polished Metallics

Our powdered metallics are mixed with a resin & trowelled onto walls and then polished to create an authentic metal wall.  Whether it's copper, bronze, brass or even silver and gold (by special order!).