Microcement Bathrooms

Because it's completely waterproof when sealed, microcement makes for a fantastic alternative to bathroom tiles.  It can even be seamlessly integrated across shower walls, floors and shower trays too. And because it’s mixed and installed on site, we can seamlessly apply all surfaces in one go, so there’s no silicone joints or grout lines.  You won’t believe how easy it is to clean!

Another advantage of microcement is that can be applied over existing wall coverings, including tiles. Meaning you can renovate tired spaces without stripping existing surfaces, saving you time, money and mess.

Microcement can be applied at just 3mm - 4mm onto almost any surface including ceramic tiles, plasterboard, cement board, aqua boards and plaster.  Microcement is completely waterproof when sealed, so the substrate doesn’t have to be.

If you are thinking of having microcement in your bathroom, please get in touch early with the specifics as we can offer guidance on surface prep making the project run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Wooden floorboards will need to be covered in cement board, firmly glued and screwed down to ensure stability before microcementing.

And there are a number of shower trays available that we can microcement straight onto, respecting the falls.

And check out our gallery for images to see some bathroom projects that we’ve done so far.

Recently, we’re seeing more and more interest in the more unusual colours and luxury textures.  Believe us when we say microcement is not just about achieving an industrial concrete look, it’s a seamless alternative to tiles with limitless possibilities.

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