Microcement For Professionals

Microcement is a fantastically versatile, seamless material which can be applied to almost any surface. In the right conditions, it’s stronger, more flexible, durable and aesthetically superior to many of the traditional alternatives. Within our products section you can buy microcement supplies.

We work with the newly formed Cemher microcement brand from Kilner, one of Spain’s biggest paint & resin manufacturers, to provide the UK's best microcement products and supplies. With our extensive installation experience, and Cemher’s extensive product range, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to taking on microcement jobs from this day forward.

Our exclusive partnership with Cemher

Kilnher have a long history of producing microcement, which they supply as white label to almost all of the familiar microcement brands on the market. Their familiarity with the competition put them in a unique position to develop a game-changing range of microcements.

Refreshingly, Cemher they don’t adhere to the “one size fits all” approach that many of the microcement brands have adopted. Instead they have developed a number of different products to suit specific scenarios. These include a self-levelling microcement for large floors, the strongest microcement on the market, MicroRock, waterproof microcement’s for wet areas and sealers that specifically meet the demands of worktops.

So now you’ve got the right product, how do you go about installing it effectively and get everything right first time? Well, that’s where Relentless Interiors come in with what we reckon is one of the most extensive microcement installation guides to date.

We have created a whole load of short, snappy microcement video guides which take you through every step of the process, pointing out all the things to look out for & sharing some tips and techniques along the way.

All our product pages feature easy access to key attributes, step by steps & data sheets. We also offer training courses for anyone wanting hands on experience. And for specific questions, both Richie & Sally, is available to take phone calls or receive whatsapp messages throughout the day to discuss specific projects or scenarios (Richie: 07487247389 / Sally 07487247388).