For so many of us nowadays, the kitchen is the heart of our home. How do you create a true statement in your kitchen – an attention-grabbing centrepiece?

Simple - by using concrete to create a sleek and striking worktop or island.

Your choice of worktop can be crucial to the overall effect you’re looking for – it can define the space. Concrete is so sought-after thanks to its dramatic contemporary look. In design terms, concrete has the almost unique ability to look fantastic in sleek, modern kitchens as well as more traditional ones. It’s textured, tactile and durable. Few materials do it better than concrete.

You’ll spend so much time in your kitchen – why not make it a place you’re proud of? A concrete worktop can transform your kitchen from a functional room into a true statement.

Concrete also brings the benefits of being extremely hardwearing, practical and stain-resistant. We have concrete worktop solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.

Looking for Truly Bespoke Worktops?

We’ll work closely with you from design right through to the final polish and seal to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Every one of our concrete projects is tailor-made to your space. It can be shaped and moulded to the exact dimensions of your space, often without the need for joins. We also offer a huge range of colours to choose from and can incorporate sinks, draining boards, upstands and splashbacks.

Sinks, Drainage Grooves and Cut Outs

We meticulously template around hobs, cookers and other appliances to make sure your worktops run seamlessly and neatly thoughout the area.

We can even seamlessly integrate sinks and drainage into the worktop moulds.  Alternatively, we can include cut outs for undermounted sinks if you prefer.

Do Concrete Worktops Stain?

Untreated concrete is highly porous, and stains readily. Our worktops, however, are painstakingly sealed with a unique combination of purpose-made sealers. This makes them not just durable and waterproof, but stain-resistant too.

Are Concrete Worktops Hygienic?

The kitchen needs to be a hygienic space too. Our concrete worktops are highly bacteria-resistant, thanks to our particular sealing method and the absence of joins as well as hypoallergenic. They’re also incredibly easy to keep clean because they're completely seamless.

Installing Polished Concrete Worktops

When creating concrete surfaces for kitchens or dining tables it’s vital to have a quality moulding process, mix design, casting process, polishing process and sealing process. Throw in pain-staking skill and expertise, as well as the right equipment, and we can guarantee you a beautiful, durable and resilient surface.

We offer both solid poured concrete & concrete rendered worktops. The concrete that we use has been specially developed to make it lighter, more flexible and more resilient than traditional concrete.

We use special additives in the concrete mix that prevent our concrete worktops from cracking. They also have outstanding resistance to scratches, knocks and general wear. Our concrete has been tested according to EN standards, and consistently demonstrates a level of resilience and durability that’s far higher than most natural woods.

How much does a Polished Concrete Worktop cost?

Our quotations are based on your exact project, and we’ll always visit your site to make sure we understand what you need before we give you a final cost.  All we need to give you an initial estimate though is the dimensions and the location of the work, so please get in touch and we can take it from there.

Are Concrete Worktops hardwearing?

Our concrete worktops have excellent heat resistance. Pans straight from an oven, stove or hob could leave a mark however, so we advise not to put them directly onto the work surfaces.

With basic care you can maintain the look of your concrete worktop for years. Bear in mind that like all natural stone, concrete acquires a patina – a natural weathering – that occurs over time, adding depth and character.

Concrete, like all natural stone, is a heavy material, which is partly what creates its durability and appeal. However, this does mean your units will need to be strong enough to carry it. In rare cases, you might have to have them reinforced.