Our unique distressed, polished Relentless™ concrete bathroom sinks look and feel industrial yet refined.

Measuring in at a sizeable 930mm x 530mm x 110mm, the Curtis is be sure to make a stunning statement in your bathroom.

We use a specially developed type of concrete that can be poured into intricate shapes without cracking. We also seal it thoroughly to significantly resist stains.

Our concrete fabricators having mastered their trade over years of experience, confidently surpassing performance expectations. Every single piece of Relentless™ furniture is entirely produced by hand. The unbelievably smooth finish is painstakingly achieved by hours of spraying and polishing. This means that no two Relentless™ pieces will ever be the same, each has its own very special appearance that will never be replicated.

We can pretty much make sinks in any size and any colour to suit your needs so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your bespoke requirements.

Price includes delivery and installation.

Concrete Bathroom Sink – Curtis Large