Inspired by one of the most prolific figures of the industrial revolution, the Brunel utilises the load bearing strength of steel with some clever geometry to form striking concrete dining table design, like no other.

The meticulously welded base is available in raw black steel or aged brass finish.

Our trademark honed, polished and waxed Relentless™ concrete rendered table top adds durability and intrigue to this unbelievably stunning piece of modern furniture.

Our fabricators having mastered their trade producing load bearing components for manufacturers across West Yorkshire, confidently surpass performance expectations.

A thick, rendered concrete table top is effortless elevated millimetres above the solid metal framework. Made with our unique concrete recipe, giving a sleek yet industrial look whilst achieving a soft, warm touch.

The tops are made from our own concrete render mix with a timber core rather than solid concrete. They’re lighter, smoother and more resilient yet has a very similar appearance.

The table is meticulously sealed making it incredibly durable, waterproof and stain resistant.

Every single piece of Relentless™ furniture is entirely produced by hand. The unbelievably smooth table top is painstakingly achieved by hours of hand crafting. This means that no two Relentless™ tables will ever be the same, each has its own very special appearance that will never be replicated.

Plus, we’ll personally deliver the table to your house and install it in-situ free of charge.

We wouldn’t name just any table in honour of the legendary Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but we feel like this one might just live up to it.

Brunel. Concrete Dining Table